24-Year-Old Indian Student Shot Dead Inside His Audi In Canada

Chirag Antil’s family is raising money through a crowdfunding platform to repatriate his body to India

New Delhi:

A 24-year-old student from India was shot dead inside a car in Canada’s South Vancouver, the local police have said. The Vancouver Police in a statement said Chirag Antil, 24, was found dead inside a vehicle in the area after neighbours reported hearing gunshots.

“Officers were called to East 55th Avenue and Main Street around 11 pm on April 12 after residents heard the sound of gunshots. Chirag Antil, 24, was found deceased inside a vehicle in the area. No arrests have been made, and the investigation remains ongoing,” the police said.

Chirag Antil’s brother Ronit told reporters that Chirag seemed happy when they spoke on the phone in morning. Chirag later took out his Audi to go somewhere. That was when he was shot dead 

The Congress students’ wing National Students’ Union of India chief Varun Choudhary in a post on X tagging the Ministry of External Affairs requested for assistance to the student’s family.

“Urgent attention regarding the murder of Chirag Antil, an Indian student in Vancouver, Canada. We urge the Ministry of External Affairs to closely monitor the progress of the investigation and ensure that justice is swiftly served,” Mr Choudhary said.

“Additionally, we request the ministry to extend all necessary support and assistance to the family of the deceased during this difficult time,” he said.

Chirag Antil’s family is raising money through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to repatriate his body to India, local media reported.

Haryana resident Romit Antil, the brother of Chirag Antil, told CityNews that he was a kind-hearted person.

“My brother and I had a great relationship. We used to talk every day, day and night. I spoke to him last before the accident happened. He was kind of happy, he never had any issues or fights with anyone, ever. He was an extremely polite person,” Romit Antil told CityNews.

Chirag Antil came to Vancouver in September 2022. He just finished MBA at University Canada West, and recently got his work permit.


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