Rajasthan Man Loses Eye After Being Thrashed By Bouncer Over Rs 20 Ticket

The incident was reported from Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar


A man lost vision in one eye after a bouncer brutally thrashed him with iron rods over Rs 20 entry ticket in Rajasthan on Saturday, the police said.

Police said the man is being treated at a hospital for the last three days, adding that he also sustained a severe jaw injury.

The man’s family has alleged that he had set up a stall at the trade fair in Sri Ganganagar and when he tried to enter the exhibition on Saturday night, the bouncers asked him to buy the entry ticket.

He tried to explain to the bouncer that he was not a visitor, but he refused to believe him, the police said.

“The argument soon escalated into a clash and the bouncer started thrashing him with iron rod,” officials said.

Gulshan Wadhwa was rushed to the hospital by his family where doctors admitted him to the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) given his condition.

Police have arrested the bouncer. Gulshan’s Wadhwa’s family has, however, alleged that more people were involved in the attack, and urged police to arrest the other accused as well.

Officials said a case has been registered and investigation is on.


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