Cole Brings Plenty.

Cole Brings Plenty.
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An actor who appeared in a spinoff of the popular television western Yellowstone was found dead after he went missing amid a domestic violence investigation in Kansas, authorities said Friday. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that deputies found the body of 27-year-old Cole Brings Plenty in a wooded area.

Crime scene investigators and the medical examiner were at the location, but no details were released about a cause of death. Two days earlier Brings Plenty was charged in a nearby county with aggravated burglary, domestic battery and criminal restraint. An arrest warrant was issued.

Police in the town of Lawrence said officers responded Sunday to an apartment where a woman was screaming for help, and Brings Plenty had left before they arrived. He then missed an audition for an upcoming film project that was scheduled for Monday morning over Zoom, his agent, Peter Yanke of Phirgun Mair Worldwide, said this week.

Brings Plenty’s father, Joe, said in a statement Friday that he is grateful for everyone “for their prayers and positive thoughts you sent for Cole.” “I learned this week how many people knew the goodness in Cole’s heart and loved him,” Joe Brings Plenty Sr. said.

Cole Brings Plenty appeared in two episodes of the first season of 1923, a Paramount+ series starring Harrison Ford that is a prequel to the Paramount Network hit Yellowstone. He also had recent small roles in two other Westerns from INSP TV, Into the Wild Frontier and The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger.

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His uncle Mo Brings Plenty is a star of “Yellowstone” and acts as a cultural adviser for Native American issues on both that show and 1923. He posted a flyer about his nephew’s disappearance on Instagram, and police said the family reported the younger man missing.


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