Jake Gyllenhaal in a scene from ‘Road House’

Jake Gyllenhaal in a scene from ‘Road House’
| Photo Credit: Laura Radford

In the wake of the success of Jake Gyllenhaal’s recent, Road House, Amazon MGM Studios has sealed a three-year, first-look film agreement with the actor’s Nine Stories production company, which grants the studio priority access to all narrative features produced by Gyllenhaal’s company, spanning both theatrical releases and streaming platforms.

A modern adaptation of the beloved Patrick Swayze classic, Doug Liman’s Road House garnered widespread popularity after its debut on Amazon Prime, amassing over 50 million viewers globally since its release on March 21. This follows Gyllenhaal’s previous collaboration with Amazon MGM on Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, which saw a successful theatrical release last year.

Established in 2015 by Jake Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker, Nine Stories has built a reputation for producing titles that include, The Guilty (2021), Wildlife (2018) and Stronger (2017).

Julie Rapaport, head of film production and development at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, citing Gyllenhaal’s exceptional talent and the studio’s commitment to creating groundbreaking cinema. Gyllenhaal reciprocated the sentiment, expressing his excitement about the future collaboration.


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