'What Should I Do': Badminton Star After Congress MLA's 'Kitchen' Remark

The BJP has lodged a complaint against Mr Shivashankarappa.

New Delhi:

Badminton star Saina Nehwal today condemned Karnataka Congress MLA Shamanur Shivashankarappa’s derogatory remarks towards BJP leader Gayathri Siddeshwara. The 92-year-old Congress MLA suggested that women should confine themselves to the kitchen.

Ms Nehwal, responding to the comments, stressed the need to break free from such perspectives.

“‘Women should be restricted to the kitchen’ – This is what a top Karnataka leader, Shamanur Shivashankarappa ji, has said. This sexist jibe aimed at @bjp4india candidate from Davanagere, Gayathri Siddeshwara ji, is least expected from a party that claims ‘Ladki Hoon, Lad Sakti Hoon’,” Ms Nehwal said in a post on X. 

“When I won medals for Bharat on the playfield, what would the Congress party have preferred I should have done?” Mr Nehwal asked rhetorically. “Why say things like that when all girls and women dream of achieving big in any field they like? On one hand, we are honouring Nari Shakti. The Women’s Reservation Bill has been passed under the leadership of our PM Modi sir, and on the other hand, disrespecting Nari Shakti and misogynistic people. Really upsetting.”

Mr Shivashankarappa, a five-time MLA from Davangere South, is the party’s oldest MLA. His daughter-in-law Prabha Mallikarjun is the Congress pick for the seat for the upcoming elections. 

In response to Mr Shivashankarappa’s comments, Gayathri Siddeshwara, the BJP’s candidate for Davangere South, highlighted the strides women have made across various professions, including those traditionally dominated by men. 

“He said it in a way that we should only cook and remain in the kitchen. What profession are women not in today? We are even flying in the sky. The old man doesn’t know how much women have progressed, he doesn’t know the love with which all women cook at home for men, children and elders,” said Ms Siddeshwara.

The BJP has lodged a complaint against Mr Shivashankarappa with the Election Commission of India. 


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