Passersby rushed to the man’s aid.


A man narrowly escaped death in Bengaluru last week when a mercurial bull pounced on his scooter, nearly pushing him under a passing truck, which stopped in the nick of time. 

A CCTV video, which is going viral, shows a woman walking on a narrow road leading a massive bull using a rope in the city’s Mahalakshmipuram Layout area. One scooter goes by and the bull pays no attention, even looking the other way before pouncing, for no apparent reason, on another two-wheeler that was about to pass by. 

Caught off guard, the unsuspecting rider falls onto the road, escaping injury thanks to a quick-thinking truck driver next to him who slams the brakes. The bull, meanwhile, scampers off, leaving its minder and everyone else on the road dumbstruck.

The man stands up, pointing to the bull in disbelief as the truck driver says something to him. The video ends with passersby rushing to his aid, picking up his scooter and parking it by the side of the road.


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