One such video shows water pouring from the ceiling inside the airport.

A portion of the ceiling at the Guwahati airport collapsed on Sunday as sudden rain battered the city. Operations were halted briefly and six flights were diverted after heavy winds wreaked havoc at the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport.

A video shows a group of passengers waiting outside the airport as a portion of the ceiling suddenly collapses overhead. No injuries were reported, airport sources said, adding that the collapse was caused by an overflowing outlet pipe and heavy winds.

Several videos recorded by fliers inside the airport showing rainwater flooding the premises have gone viral on social media. One such video shows water pouring from the ceiling inside the airport even as workers helplessly try to sweep the floors. The clip also shows containers placed under the ceiling to collect water.

The storm also uprooted trees that blocked an approach road to the airport. “We immediately rushed there and cleared the road. It took us over half-an-hour,”  Chief Airport Officer (CAO) Utpal Baruah told news agency PTI, adding that a portion of the roof also blew away during the storm.

“I am personally monitoring the situation so that passengers do not face any inconvenience. Due to the storm and heavy rain, the visibility dropped drastically and we had to divert six flights,” he said.

IndiGo, Air India and Air India Express flights were diverted to Agartala and Kolkata. “The visibility has improved and normal operations have resumed. Flights have started landing in Guwahati,” he added. 


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