Hot Wheelz is just one of the many extraordinary subjects featured in the fourth season of Canada’s a Drag, a docu-series from CBC Arts that shines a light on some of this country’s drag heroes.

“I’m trying to make the corporate ladder a ramp,” drag performer Hot Wheelz slyly says upon introducing themselves in their episode of Canada’s a Drag.

A self-proclaimed “drag creature,” Hot Wheelz is the first person who uses a wheelchair to perform drag in Edmonton.

“I got all of the oppression and disability,” they say. “I’m Asian, queer, trans and AFAB [assigned female at birth]. I am the ultimate bingo card!”

They are also the ultimate inspiration for the disabled community, as you will find out for yourself when you watch their episode below:

Episode Director and Producer: Tamarra Canu Lessard
Episode Cinematographer: Tamarra Canu Lessard
Episode Camera Assist: Anna Kuelken
Episode Sound Recordist: Ariana Brophy
Episode Production Assistant – Jakob Dahlgren
Episode Editor: Tamarra Canu Lessard
Episode Access Coordinator and Disability Story Consultant: Carly Neis
Post Production Audio Engineer: Ron Searles
Post Production Colourist: Scott McIntyre
Packaging Editor: Chelle Turingan

Series Co-Creators & Producers: Mercedes Grundy and Peter Knegt
Senior Producer, Unscripted Video: Lucius Dechausay
Special Consultants: Rose Butch, Gay Jesus and Sarah Worthman

Special thanks to Co*Lab and CBC’s Push

Hot Wheelz started drag after they were diagnosed with the genetic disorder alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency. 

“My grandmother had it, and she died early, which was scary to find out,” Hot Wheelz says. “But it also pushed me to want to do something that I’m going to be proud of, even if it means I might die early.”

Hot Wheelz has no qualms about incorporating their disability into every element of their drag.

“I make all the disabled jokes,” they say. “I kind of thrive off it. I love making people shocked, but also entertained. If they don’t laugh, then they’re not comfortable with me being disabled!”

Hot Wheelz.
Hot Wheelz. (Anna Kuelken)

In the end, Hot Wheelz’s main goal is to inspire the disabled community.

“Not for anybody else [but] for the disabled community,” they say. “So they can take up space and want to take up space because they’re allowed to.”

That’s something drag has helped show Hot Wheelz how to do themselves.

“Hot Wheelz has become like the biggest part of me,” they say. “Honestly, it has made me feel like I could be myself to the fullest degree, and I’ve never felt like that, even when I was younger. Realizing that being myself actually helped me fit in was wild … And I think ‘little me’ would just be amazed that I’m able to take my disability and make it magical.”

Hot Wheelz.
Hot Wheelz. (Anna Kuelken)

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