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Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Amir announced his decision to reverse international retirement and make himself available for the T20 World Cup 2024. While fans in Pakistan are optimistic about the team’s chances in the showpiece event, having heard of Amir’s return, former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja isn’t happy seeing a tainted cricketer like the fast bowling making a return to international cricket. In a candid chat with a TV channel in Pakistan, Raja took a brutal swipe at Amir, saying if his son had done such a thing (fixing) he would’ve disowned him.

Raja recalled his commentary stint when Amir committed the heinous cricketing crime (fixing). The cricketer-turned-commentator recalled the hate he received for finding players committing such corrupt acts on the field. Hence, he doesn’t feel tainted cricketers shouldn’t be getting a second chance.

“My views on Mohammad Amir are very straightforward. I haven’t taken an oath to fix cricket, but I believe it’s important for society and fans to understand. When he was involved in fixing, I was commentating at Lord’s, and I could feel the intense hatred directed towards me because I was identifying the fixers. The amount of criticism I faced from the media during that time is something I can never forget.

Raja feels fans should understand that sports is black and white, where there’s no meaning of improvement. A tainted cricketer should be expelled, no matter what. For Ramiz, there’s no redemption for players who have committed such acts.

“Wherever tainted cricketers exist in the world, they are usually expelled. While I sympathise with them, forgiveness isn’t in my book. If, God forbid, my son had done such a thing, I would disown him,” Raja said.

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