Watch: IndiGo Pilot Makes Heartfelt Announcement For His Family, His Mother Tears Up

The video has gone viral, and many internet users loved the pilot’s special dedication to his family.

Parents and grandparents are instrumental in shaping their children’s careers and it’s their love and support that gives them confidence to chase their dreams. Now, a viral video showcasing an IndiGo pilot’s special announcement for his family has made the internet emotional. On a flight from Chennai to Coimbatore, Captain Pradeep Krishnan made a heartwarming announcement for his mother and grandparents before take-off. 

“I’m very happy to announce that I have my family travelling with me today. My(grandfather), paati (grandmother), and Amma (mother)  are sitting in the 29th row. My grandfather is flying with me today for the first time. I have travelled in the backseat of his TVS50 so many times, now it is my turn to give him a ride,” Mr Krishnan excitedly announced in a mix of Tamil and English.

As the announcement ended, his grandfather got up from his seat and humbly greeted other passengers while his mother was seen wiping her tears, amid applause. 

”The biggest flex of mine. Flying your family and friends is every pilot’s dream,” Mr Krishnan wrote o Instagram. 

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, and many internet users loved the pilot’s special dedication to his family. 

One user wrote, ”Now that’s a real rockstar move, spreading joy through flying!”

A second commented, ”Bro…that was very thoughtful and sweet. That’s the proudest moment for them all.”

A third wrote, ”This is the pride that every son should give to their family. I trust that I’m working for that.” A fourth said, ”So heartwarming captain. Hope I can make my parents proud like this someday. Fingers crossed.”

Yet another added, ”Woww watt a happy moment bro @capt_pradeepkrishnan your mom is in a happy and proud moment good to see this, and you are awesome bro keep rocking in this work. Just once in a while need to travel on the flight where you are inn. Enjoy the work keep up the same enthusiasm bro.”

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