Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

Hollywood action icon, Keanu Reeves, and Academy Award-winning producer, Fisher Stevens, have joined forces to co-produce a documentary spotlighting the life and legacy of kickboxing legend Benny “The Jet” Urquidez.

Dubbed The Jet, the documentary is currently in production under the guidance of Jennifer Tiexiera, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker renowned for her work in sports documentaries. Backed by the freshly established Unapologetic Projects, helmed by Chris Quintos Cathcart and Tyler Boehm, and Stevens’ own Highly Flammable production banner, the film is set to hit screens in 2025.

Urquidez, affectionately named for his explosive spinning back kick, not only dominated the martial arts scene with his unparalleled skills but also left an indelible mark on Hollywood, training and collaborating with an array of A-list stars including Jackie Chan, Muhammed Ali, and Nicole Kidman.

Tiexiera emphasized Urquidez’s journey from adversity to triumph, stating, “Benny’s fighting career was born out of his struggles with identity, poverty, and race, but he didn’t let those things define him. The result is a story about how struggle and sacrifice evolved into one about love, spirituality, and deeper meaning.”

Expressing his enthusiasm for the venture, Reeves remarked, “Benny is a true mentor and has had such a profound yet underappreciated impact on both cinema and martial arts. I’m very excited to help share his story with the world.”


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