Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) pacer Mayank Yadav has set the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 on fire with his breathtaking bowling. His express deliveries, clocking over 150 kmph, have earned Lucknow some brilliant victories in the ongoing campaign of the T20 league. But, what’s the secret behind the pacer’s express pace? When his mother Mamta Yadav was asked about the dietary habits of the young speedster, she revealed that her son has turned vegetarian over the last couple of years. But earlier, he used to eat non-veg food.

“Mayank has just turned vegetarian. Earlier, he used to eat non-veg food. He has been eating vegetarian food for the last 2 years. Whatever he has been asking us to make, based on his diet chart, we would make for him. He wouldn’t eat anything special, dal, roti, rice, milk, veggies, etc,” Mayank’s mother Mamta revealed in a chat with Aaj Tak.

While Mayank’s mother isn’t entirely sure why the cricketer quit non-veg food, she revealed that there are two reasons that she is aware of. The first reason was his belief in Lord Krishna, and second that he felt non-vegetarian food wasn’t suiting his body anymore.

“He said that non-veg food wasn’t suiting his body much. He told us about two reasons. First was he started to believe in Lord Krishna, that could be one of the reasons too. We didn’t force him to reveal why he quit non-veg food. He said whatever I was doing, was good for his game and his body,” Mayank’s mother revealed.

During the chat, Mamta also revealed that she is hopeful of seeing her son donning the India jersey soon and making his international debut.

Seeing Mayank’s performance in the early stage of the IPL, many former cricketers have asked for him to be fast-tracked into the Indian team. Some have even backed him to play for India in the T20 World Cup 2024, which starts in June.

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