The locals caught him and handed him over to the police

New Delhi:

A man chased his mother with a stick and thrashed her with it in front of a temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. The incident was recorded by a local.

In the horrific video, the frail elderly woman is seen running from her son – Durgesh Sharma, who calmly walks down the street and follows her around with a stick. The disheveled woman is seen running from one house to another, trying to hide from her son and screaming for help.

She even trips on the pavement and barely manages not to fall as she tries to keep her clothes from falling while running.

However, the man keeps following her inside the homes she enters and is seen beating her with the stick as temple bells toll in the background and priests chant the evening prayers.

Finally, the locals managed to catch him and handed him over to the police, who registered an FIR based on the video.


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