Video: Passenger Gets Broken Window Seat On Air India Flight, Airline Responds

The engineer could not fix the broken seat, the passenger claimed.

A passenger on a Delhi-Bengaluru flight slammed Air India after receiving a broken window seat despite paying additional money for it. The incident happened on Thursday, April 4 when the passenger noticed the broken seat, following which the airline enlisted the help of an engineer. The engineer, however, could not fix the broken seat, the passenger claimed. He further questioned Air India for their poor services and asked why the airline couldn’t even provide a proper seat for passengers. 

“Paid extra 1k for a broken window seat (22A) on Air India AI512 from DEL to BLR on 4th Apr. They called the engineer to fix it, but he couldn’t. Is this what I paid the flight fare for? Can’t I at least expect a proper seat after paying so much?” the passenger wrote on X and also tagged Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Ministry Civil Aviation. 

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Air India replied to the passenger’s tweet and asked him for the booking details. They later assured him that the airline would investigate the matter and take corrective action.

”Hi, thank you for sharing the details. Your feedback is crucial, and we apologize for falling short of expectations. We’ll investigate the matter and take corrective action. Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” the airline wrote. 

In January this year, Shreyti Garg, a content creator, also highlighted the subpar in-flight facilities despite the expensive ticket prices. Travelling with her 2.5-year-old and seven-month-old kids, Ms Garg expressed disappointment as the in-flight entertainment and lights for three seats weren’t working, leaving her and her family in the dark. The broken seats and lack of entertainment made the journey less pleasant than expected, prompting her to share her concerns in an Instagram video. 


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