Video: Statue Of Liberty Trembles As Strong Earthquake Hits New York

New Delhi:

A video shows the moment the Statue of Liberty, the iconic landmark, in New York City was hit by an earthquake. 

A 4.8-magnitude earthquake, which was recorded in New Jersey, shook the neighbouring states, including New York City. In the video, shared by EarthCam on X, formerly Twitter, we get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline trembling as the earthquake struck in the morning hour. 

As per the text attached to the clip, This event marks the strongest earthquake in New Jersey since a 5.2-intensity quake in 1884, with no reported damage.

A user wrote on X, “Ooo I don’t fancy being these poor people on the statue at that time.”

Another said, “The Earth will be shaken, is it time to understand that no amount of money will change the Earth and its climate? This is your chance to make a difference in your thinking and future.”

In an attempt to tone-down the situation, a person said, “Was Taylor Swift in concert nearby?” For those who don’t know, last year, in August, American rapper Travis Scott’s concert at Rome’s ancient Circus Maximus had sparked fears of an earthquake.

The Statue Of Liberty was struck by lightning in the middle of a rainstorm on Wednesday. Photographer Dan Martland captured the moment when the lightning bolt appeared to come from Lady Liberty’s torch. 

Referring to the lightning strike, a user added, “Lady Liberty has had a rough week.” 

Meanwhile, New Jersey experienced a 4.0-magnitude aftershock on Friday. Governor Phil Murphy called on residents to adhere to emergency protocols, “New Jersey has just experienced an aftershock. Please adhere to the emergency advice provided and refrain from calling 911 unless you are facing a genuine emergency,” he tweeted. 

The epicentre of the aftershock was said to be 7.4 miles northwest of Bridgewater, which is just over the county line in Somerset County.


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