US Woman Arrested For Forcing Child's Head Into Toilet, Asking To Drink Its Water

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A woman in Texas, United States, was arrested after she allegedly dragged a child to a bathroom and forced him to drink water from a toilet, as per a report in the New York Post. According to a news release from the Woodway Public Safety Department, Claudia Velediaz-Bonifazi was placed in custody on April 3 after the child arrived at school in tears and notified teachers and counsellors about the event.

As per the police statement, the boy told his teachers and counsellor that he was “dragged to the bathroom by his hair and his head was forced into the toilet where he was forced to drink toilet water.” He also informed that he “was missing pieces of his hair” as a result of the incident.

His claims prompted further investigation into the matter by Woodway Police and Child Protective Services, who found that the boy had reportedly been the victim of multiple past “violent incidents.” According to the police officers, the abuse included “being punched, hit with miscellaneous objects, and not being fed for long periods of time.”

Further, the woman was arrested for intentionally hurting the kid. The Woodway Public Safety Department released a statement that said the boy was “in her care,” but it did not specify if the child was related to Claudia Velediaz-Bonifazi. Meanwhile, the boy was moved to a relative’s place for safety.

In February, a woman in Alabama allegedly drove over her seven-year-old child after forcing him to walk home from school as a punishment. According to the New York Post, the incident happened when Sarai Rachel James, 27, picked up her son from school and got to know of his misbehaviour by the school’s principal. As a punishment, she made the boy get out of her car and asked him to walk or run the rest of the way home, which was about eight blocks away. 

When she slowed down, the boy tried to grab the door handle of the car before his mother accelerated. Her action resulted in the boy being pulled under the car and run over by the rear tyre. Police Chief Michael Abercrombie told People that the boy survived the accident and sustained minor injuries. The woman was arrested on February 8 and charged with aggravated child abuse, according to Marshall County Sheriff’s Office online booking records.


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