Anti-terror agency NIA today arrested two key conspirators in connection with the 2022 Bhupatinagar bomb blast case in West Bengal’s East Midnapore district. However, the team sent to Bhupatinagar was attacked during the raids this morning, with one NIA official injured. 

The arrested individuals, Balai Charan Maity and Manobrata Jana, were taken into custody following extensive searches conducted at five different locations, including Jana’s residence. As the team commenced its search operation, they were suddenly confronted by a hostile mob. The situation quickly escalated as the mob launched an assault on the NIA officers, resulting in damage to property, including the breaking of a vehicle’s windscreen.

The aggressive resistance was aimed at halting the NIA team and stopping the officials from reaching the Bhupatinagar police station for the completion of arrest formalities. In response, the NIA has filed a complaint at the local police station regarding the incident.

According to the NIA, Manobrata Jana and Balai Charan Maity were allegedly involved in a conspiracy to manufacture and detonate crude bombs. The December 2022 explosion, which killed three people, took place in the house of Rajkumar Manna in Naruabilla village of East Medinipur district. Rajkumar Manna, along with Biswajit Gayen and Buddhadeb Manna, died in the blast. 

Initially, the West Bengal Police registered a an FIR on December 3, 2022. However, the Explosive Substances Act was not initially applied in the case. Subsequently, a writ petition was filed at the Calcutta High Court, urging the inclusion of relevant sections of the Act and the transfer of the case to the NIA.

Following the incident, a large police contingent was dispatched to the scene to bring the situation under control.

West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress president Mamata Banerjee alleged that the NIA was working for the BJP. 

“Why did they raid at midnight? Did they have police permission? Locals reacted in the way they would have if any other stranger had visited the place at midnight. Why are they arresting people right before the elections? What does the BJP think, that they will arrest every booth agent? What right does NIA have? They are doing all these to support the BJP. We call upon the entire world to fight against this BJP’s dirty politics,” Ms Banerjee said.

The Bengal Chief Minister accused NIA personnel of assaulting residents in Bhupatinagar rather than the villagers initiating the attack.

“Will the women sit back if they are attacked?” she asked.

The TMC chief accused the BJP of trying to use the central agencies to win the elections. “We want the Election Commission to work impartially, not turn into a BJP-run commission,” she said.


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