Watch: Wildlife Official Fights Off Leopard With Stick In Kashmir Village

He manages to maintain a safe distance from the animal until he stoops to pick up a stick.

A wildlife department official bravely faced a leopard that was roaming through a village in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district on Wednesday. The official engaged with the leopard, which pounced on him, using only a stick before ultimately wrestling it into submission with his bare hands.

In a 50-second video, now circulating widely on social media, the man can be seen grappling with the leopard using only his bare hands while simultaneously attempting to capture it alive.

He manages to maintain a safe distance from the animal until he stoops to pick up a stick, then using it to try to overpower the leopard.

Suddenly, the leopard pounces on him, seizing his hand in its mouth even as he continues to struggle against the powerful creature. Fortunately, locals and other wildlife officials present at the scene rushed to his aid, striking the leopard with sticks from behind.

Eventually, the man succeeds in freeing his hand from the leopard’s grip and subduing it. With the assistance of locals, the wild cat is captured alive and tranquilized.

The incident unfolded in Ganderbal’s Fatehpora village after residents noticed the leopard roaming freely in the area. Promptly, they notified wildlife officials who swiftly launched a large-scale operation to rescue the animal.

During the rescue mission, the leopard attacked and injured five individuals, including two women and three wildlife officials. Reports indicate that the injured were promptly taken to a nearby healthcare facility for treatment.


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